TTS King

Turn daily news digests into audio you can listen to wherever you are

Convert your daily news digests into a simple podcast you can listen to while in transit, walking or even exercising. TTS King helps you stay productive no matter where you are!

The idea behind this website was to automatically convert your newsletter emails and favorite news articles to audio files using Text-To-Speech technologies and then to download these audio files to your phone for offline playback.

The site is still under development and has a lot of missing features. It's been in development for quite a while now because when I started, I decided to learn a completely new tech stack to freshen up my skills (since PHP, Bootstrap and MySQL no longer are a hot topic of discussion).

Technologies used


Landing page
User's news streams configuration
User's profile

Things learned

It's okay to not finish a project. You can get value out of it even if it's not finished. I learned Next.js, Tailwind.CSS and other important tools thanks to this project. Thus, despite the project being left unfinished, I feel like it's been a big net positive due to experience gained.