Tetris React

(Mis)Using a mapping library to make a 3D game

Tetris was one game I could always easily lose myself in. I decided to make learning ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript more fun by making a game using it.

Tetris React - Gameplay

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Panorama World
Scenery World
Panorama World
Scenery World

By the way, can you beat my high score?

Grid World

Technologies used

The result is an oddly addictive and fun browser game. Thanks to pause, save and load mechanics you can play it briefly between the meetings or try to beat your friend's best score by discovering one of the secret cheat-codes hidden in the game.

Camera moves around downtown New York, or hovers of the waterfront part, while building colors dance and weather effects like fog and rain impede visuals - all for the sake of creating an engaging atmosphere.

The code architecture is quite scalable thanks to the separation between view, model and controller - to add a new level, just create a new view, without the need for any changes to game's state or reducer logic.

Things learned