Socksy Linen

A fashion store landing page

This website was developed in 2019 for my parent's shop. It was hosted on

It is a landing page that was linked to from printed and online ads.

The main purpose of the site was brand awareness and providing further contact details (physical address, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, phone number, Email).

This website is now retired. The URL is now redirecting to our Facebook page. We also purchased a shorter domain that also leads to Facebook.

Facebook is going to be used over this website going forward because:


The landing page includes an eye-catching video

I really like the video we used on the home page. I assembled it from short clips from Chanel advertisements.

Socks category
Linen category
Contact details

Ad Videos

In addition to the website, I also created ad videos for the shop

Linen. Fasion

Linen - celebrating independence

Linen - Embroidered Colors

Online demo

The website is now offline as it was replaced by a Facebook page. Previously, it was live at

Technologies used

Things learned

A managed solution (like Facebook) is a much better option than a custom website in certain circumstances. See above for details.