Goodreads Stats

Get insights into your reading habits

A browser extension for Goodreads that adds data export capability and displays extensive analytics about your reading habits.

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Main features:

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Year over year reading rates
Reading durations
In-depth analytics
Search and sort the entire library
Export a shelf from Goodreads

Things learned

This is one of the few projects where I worked against extreme time pressure, thus had to make smart trade-offs. I went against my approach of using few libraries, and took advantage of PrimeReact and PrimeIcon libraries for displaying the table, pop ups and icons. Even thought those did a lot pf the heavy lifting, customizing them and debugging issues, caused in part by poor documentation, made the process take longer than expected.

In addition, I used Chart.js for all charts, which while much simpler to deal with than d3.js thanks to a much more modern API and nice react wrappers, still took some time to integrate with. The main issue was making charts be sized automatically and be responsive to screen width change.

Take a look at Calendar Plus - a Google Chrome extension for calendar power users. Having published the calendar extension, and written a privacy policy for it, it was way easier to do it the 2nd time for the goodreads stats extension.