Calendar Plus

Google Calendar extension for power users

Calendar Plus is a Chrome extension for Google Calendar. It provides insights into where your time goes, includes power user tools, data export and customization.

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Main features:

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Column chart
Time chart
Pie chart
Expanded time chart
Editing the layout


I am a power user of Google Calendar and have every day planned in 15 minute increments. As a result, some shortcomings and missing features of Google Calendar become especially painful. This extension promises to save me lots of time, while providing insights into how much time I spent on different activities.

See also my full-fledged calendar application: Project Ephemeris

Early prototype of the extension

Things learned

The extension needs read-only access to user's calendar, which is considered by Google to be a sensitive API, thus applications looking to access that data need to pass extra security. To that end, in addition to the Chrome Web Store review, I needed to write a privacy policy, comply with "Sign in with Google" button branding requirements and pass a review by Google. The extension was rejected several times due to incomplete compliance, but after several tries it finally got approved.

Writing a privacy policy and complying with other requirements was an interesting experience. Having done it once, I can do it much faster for my second extension Goodreads Stats.